Inside Church Coat
102_0973Inside Church R E

It is our desire that you “feel at home” in the fellowship we share with each other and the Lord.

     To help that happen, let us explain a little about what happens here on Sunday.
     When you enter the building you will see a place to hang your coat. As you enter the main hall you will be greeted by a family/members from the church. They are there to answer any questions you may have (such as where to find the nursery and the restrooms.)
     Bulletins, which contain the information for the service, are handed out by people at the main sanctuary doors.
Part way through the morning service children from age 3 to those in grade 5 are invited to the front for a children’s’ message. They are then dismissed for Walk With Me – Kids Club. Your child is warmly invited to come! A teacher will guide your child to his/her classroom, where they can be picked up after the service.
     Our services include singing, reading of Scripture and a message from the Pastor.  There is also an opportunity to give thanks to the Lord with monetary gifts. The collection is for local and international worthwhile causes and are listed each week in the bulletin. Members of Bethel also put in donations for the ministries of the church.
     Welcome Cards may be found in the pew and can be filled out and dropped in the collection plate as it comes around, or it may be handed to the Pastor after the service. These cards may be used if you would like more information about the church, or for specific prayer requests. 
For more details on what we, as a Christian Reformed Church believe, please download: We Believe